Historic Movie Theaters, Evansville, Indiana
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These are scans of theater pictures Pat Sides of Willard Library recently uncovered.
Washington Loew's Loew's Box Office Closeup
Columbia 1 Columbia 2 Columbia 3
Washington Theater (According to the IMDb God's Country and the Woman = 1937)
Loew's Theater (According to IMDb 300 Spartans = 1962 -- although I thought I saw this movie at the Grand). The ad for 300 Spartans is visible in the picture below above the woman in the dark outfit.
Loew's Box Office Cloesup
Loew's Box Office Closeup -- see 300 Spartans above the 2nd woman from the right.
Columbia Fairbanks
Columbia Theater (According to IMDb Rulers of the Sea = 1939)
Columbia Old 2
Columbia Theater 717 N. Fulton Avenue
Between the two photos: IMDb Pioneer Trail = 1938 ; Mr. Doodle Kicks Off = 1938 ; Just Around the Corner = 1938 ; Meet the Girls = 1938 ;
Columbia Old 1
Red Separator Bar
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