Ohio Theater
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Ohio Theater in the Early 1940s
Photo Courtesy of the Evansville Museum
The Ohio Theater after it closed and before it was razed.
Ohio Ad A Ohio Ad B
Images from the collection of Terry Hughes
Flyer advertising The Sunset Legion at the Ohio Theater. Click here or on the images above to see a larger version.
Marble Hall before It Became the Ohio
Located at 19 Main Street, the Ohio was the last movie theater to convert to sound. According to Mac McGregor, the Ohio played the Big Trail in 1931, its first talking picture. The Ohio closed its doors forever on January 23, 1937, unable to rebound from damage from the 1937 flood.
Before the building housed the Ohio Theater is was known as the Marble Hall. Notice that it underwent substantial alteration. Click for a larger version of the picture to the left.
Photo Courtesy of Willard Library
Site of the Ohio Theater October 1, 2005
Photo by Terry W. Hughes October 1,, 2005
This picture is of the south side of the block of Main Street between Riverside Drive and First street, the site where the Ohio Theater once stood.
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