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Otto Geiss Leads Victory Musicians

Otto Geiss, one of the best violinists in this section and an experienced orchestra leader has been chosen as musical director for the new Victory theater.

Geiss was musical director at the Old Wells- Bijou theater and later led the Grand theater orchestra where he remained until this season.

Mr. Geiss was tendered the place in keeping with the Victory management's policy of employing Evansville people where possible.

Mr. Geiss will have a 10-piece orchestra, not including the $10,000 organ over which P. G Robbins, the Consolidated Realty and Theaters' organ director, and Prof:, James Gillette, organist at the Coliseum will preside.

This orchestra will be given a prominent part in every program with an overture and other numbers, as Manager A. F Brentlinger has always prided himself upon the orchestras and has featured them equally with the cinema.

Mr. Geiss has selected the following for Members of his: aggregation : John Craig, first violin; John Venerendi, flute; Fred Van Miller, clarinet; Miss Margaret Kappler, piano; Mrs. James M. Humphreys, cello; Fred Elikofer, bass; Roy. Uhte, cornet; P. Barnett, trombone, and Haywood Andle, tympani and drums.

The orchestra probably will be augmented in the near future.

The organist will open the film story and the orchestra will come in on the last reel or two.

Then will come an overture, and the vaudeville, news film and film story. The music will be pretty evenly divided between orchestra and organ.
from the Evansville Journal July 15, 1921




Victory Theater in 1921
Photo Courtesy Willard Library (Knecht 375)
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