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Cadick Picture
Scanned from an ad in the Evansville Press
This 3500 seat theater would have been the largest of all local theaters. The Loew's Victory seated 2500. The Cadick was to be constructed by the Vendome Theatre Company. The picture below is of the Ambassador theater and office building that would have taken the place of the Cadick theater. Financial difficulties ended the Cadick effort and the Great Depression stopped the Ambassador.The picture above is from an ad in the Evansville Press Exposition from 1920 (no month or day). It announces the Cadick Theater "now under construction." Click to see the full ad.

Ambassador/Cadick Newspaper Ad

Photo courtesy Willard Library (Knecht 4642)
Cadick under construction. The Greyhound Bus Station is on this site today, at least for the time being.
Photo courtesy Willard Library (Knecht 4641)
The remains of the Ambassador/Cadick were unearthed in February 2006 during the demolition of the Skora Building. Click here for details.
Photo from photo copy scanned from Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library  
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