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Clarissa Poster at the Princess Theater in 1915
All Photos on this page courtesy Evansville Museum
The film advertised is Clarissa with Hazel Dawn. It takes the posters on both sides of the picture to see all the information. The IMDb lists Gambier’s Advocate from 1915 with Hazel Dawn as being aka Clarissa. The large poster to the right reads Clarissa, in the white space below the images. The center poster board in both pictures advertises what will be playing Wednesday -- The Moth and the Flame, also dated by the IMDb as 1915. Clarissa is playing "today."

Clarissa Posters at the Princess in 1915, Left Side of the Entrance

Princess Theater Box Office
Detail of the box office of the Princess Theater in 1915
On the large poster to the left at the top of the poster, you can see the star's name is Hazel Dawn. Click to see a portrait of Hazel. Return to Princess Theater Home Page
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