Franklin Theater
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Franklin Theater 1913
The Franklin Theater 1913
Photo Courtesy of the Gerst Haus
Franklin Detail
The Franklin's later days as an adult movie house
Photo courtesy Willard Library (Sonntag 5)
Eureka! Thanks to the manager of the Gerst Haus on Franklin Street, I have found an advertisement from 1913 depicting the Franklin Theater. The small image top left is from the ad. Click to see the full ad and a bigger version of the Franklin in 1913.
As time permits, I will begin building more information about the Franklin into this site, especially its earliest years as the West End Electric Palace. I have been lucky enough to have the loan of a ledger book for the West End Electric Palace from 1910 to 1912. I have scanned the pages, and I am now cross-referencing them with newspaper ads and magazines from the time period.
Photo Courtesy of the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science
Travel down Franklin Street from St. Joseph Avenue to the Franklin theater during WWII. Click the play button and wait a few seconds for the movement to begin. The pause button stops the motion any where along the track.
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